Tveskaeg Benchtop

Say Hello to the most sophisticated sensor for materials analysis!

Forget everything you know about sensors for materials analysis. Tveskaeg Benchtop sets a new standard for easy measurements of your wastewater process. Powered by revolutionizing 1 - 70 MHz multi frequency magnetic resonance technology, Tveskaeg is able to reliably measure the concentration of virtually any target molecule or compound at the atomic level - without the hassle of sensor cleaning and maintenance.

Reliable and cost effective!

Since magnetic resonance is a wireless technology, no consumables are used, and the actual sensor probe never touches the media. These facts make Tveskaeg Benchtop a reliable and cost effective sensor. Using Tveskaeg Benchtop is easy and simple. Our new re-designed user interface means anyone can operate the equipment without instructions or supervision. An intuitive sample mechanism makes it easy for the operator to grab a sample from a chosen source. Cloud connectivity is available via Splunk.

Available licenses for wastewater

  • Dissolved Nitrogen
  • Small molecule Carbons
  • Free Phosphates
  • Bound Phosphates
  • Chloride
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Aluminium oxides (catfines)

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Tveskaeg Benchtop Specifications

Dimensions (w x h x d): 740mm x 400mm x 250mm
Average power consumption: 200 Watt
AC Voltage source: 90-264 VAC / 47-63Hz
Weight of Tveskaeg Benchtop unit: 35 Kg
NMR sample chamber inner diameter: 9,2 mm