Discover our New Technology, Catguard Solo.

Catguard Solo comes with the same patented NMR measurement technology as its predecessor at its core.
It retains all the measurement capabilities but comes with added options for water and sodium measurement.
It is significantly more compact, more robust and even simpler to install.

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How Catguard works

Catguard is an advanced, easy-to-use, compact device, capable of measuring cat fines in heavy fuel oil using state-of-the art patented NMR technology.

Catguard is made for installation on board ships (but can be installed anywhere!), operating under extreme conditions. It allows multiple samplepoints such as before/after purifier, main-engine inlet or manual sample-in.

Once installed it automatically monitors fuel quality by a schedule set up on the built-in touchscreen, and alerts the crew if catfines or any other parameter breaks a fully customizeable threshold level.

The LabOnAShip Cloud connects it all

The LOAS Cloud is a simple, yet feature rich and versatile web application, which is automatically updated with catfines data from all ships in your fleet with a Catguard installed.

LOAS does not stop there! LOAS is capable of taking 3rd party inputs, and we cooperate with MAN to provide engine data from Cocos.

Never has the shipping industry seen such a simple but powerful web application for monitoring ship performance and fuel quality.

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Lloyds Register
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